Are you ready for a major shift in manufacturing’s landscape?

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  • connect

    Most major manufacturing companies with SAP are moving towards SAP MII and ME to connect to their plants.

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  • don’t get

    left behind

    Find out how Seeit Solutions can keep you current.

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  • mobile

    Our mobile solution delivers manufacturing KPI’s to your iPad, iPhone, Android & Windows-based smart phones & tablets

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  • dashboards &


    an application designed to drive large overhead monitors presenting KPIs from SAP or other shop floor systems

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  • SAP MII & ME

    Seeit Solutions is an SAP® Services Partner, and an expert in SAP MII & ME. We provide solutions that tightly integrate SAP ERP with the shop floor.

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Top Ten Reasons to Choose Seeit Solutions

  1. 20+ years of MES experience
  2. 10+ years working with MII technology
  3. Largest group of US-based developers
  4. Our team. Developers have vertical manufacturing experience. Business analysts offer extra value-added services such as project management, business analysis, business case development, Operational Change Management (OCM) and MII training.
  5. The best team of MII Developers in the business.
  6. Innovative MII solutions, including running on iPad , iPhone, Android and Windows-based platforms
  7. Operational Change Management (OCM) expertise
  8. Integration experience to SAP PP, PP-PI, PM, QM, HR/CATS, as well as Kronos, Maximo, Infinity QS
  9. Notable success in delivering high-profile projects through full implementation, on time and under budget.
  10. Astute in tying technical solutions back to business requirements and business cases to ensure customer satisfaction.