Seeit Solutions is a consulting company focused on delivering integrated manufacturing intelligence software and professional services that empower our clients to achieve results through improved efficiency, optimized performance, improved reliability and regulatory compliance. Our core business is transforming plant and shop floor data into actionable business information to identify opportunities to improve operations, predict and prevent problems and plan and execute production more efficiently.


Seeit Solutions helps manufacturers improve the speed of access and visibility of their production environment while forging additional links between production shop floor activity and the remainder of the enterprise business processes and systems. 

Seeit Solutions Company Timeline


Seeit Solutions is an SAP® Services Partner that provides solutions that tightly integrate SAP ERP with the shop floor.


  • ERP transactions to/from plant floor

  • SAP ME (manufacturing execution) and MII (manufacturing integration & intelligence)

  • Machine integration

  • MES Manufacturing Execution

  • SAP GUI simplification 

  • Dashboards, Reports, Scoreboards

  • Mobile Information/Execution

  • Quality, Track and Trace