SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) helps improve the transparency of discreet manufacturing processes. The solution links production work processes with SAP® ERP – in real time and across site and geographical boundaries. This capability ensures that strategic management decisions are communicated quickly to manufacturing.


SAP ME makes it easier to organize and control production processes and procedures, providing a complete, multi-level genealogy record and traceability throughout the entire product life cycle.


Manufacturers can collect, verify, and archive company information on every component in a product, creating an audit trail of all processes, components, and materials involved in the manufacturing and packaging of the product.

SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME)

SAP ME/MES Success Across Industries

$14 million in annual savings due to quality cost savings and process improvements from extending QM

Improved True Efficiency (OEE Variant) from 65% to 80% - Implemented first site in 45 days, remaining sites in 3 weeks

Savings of $10 million in first year due to improved supply chain processes and visibility; implemented in 90 days

Deployed in over 30 plants globally for process improvement; delivering a 20 X ROI in the first two years

Increased first time yield (FTY) by 5% and has slashed repair time by 35%