The Seeit Solutions' methodology employs tools and templates that address specific business needs. These templates allow for rapid deployment and are categorized by process and associated SAP components.

Our Perfect Plant Solutions

performance metrics
Configurable metrics enabled by a performance event database. Track and visualize manufacturing KPIs like downtime and OEE from the shop floor to the top floor.
utility monitoring
Deliver data visibility and analysis to sustainability, energy, water, and carbon performance metrics.
labor tracking and reporting
Bi-directional interface between Kronos and other time and attendance keeper systems; with updating capability to SAP HR and CAT
Shop floor spc application presenting real-time spc data collection and charting with updates to SAP QM and PP/PP-PI


Data Visibility Solutions

Use most mobile devices to transact to and from SAP ERP and receive real-time reports
intelligent historian connect
Interface data to SAP ERP from your process historian
dashboards & scoreboards
An application designed to drive large overhead monitors presenting KPIs from SAP or other plant based systems
A shop floor application designed by the user with direct updates and interaction with SAP ERP